How to start a business

Fascinating reading. Could such endeavors be started in other places, countries, continents?


Audacity sound output problem

Today I had some problems, with audacity.I have some experience in sound editing with audacity ( I am editing podcasts for Jerry Michalsky  ) but until now I was forced to work with it only in windows.

This was the error message: “Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate.”

Today after a small research I found what the problem was, wrong output card. This is how I solved it:  Edit -> Preferences -> Playback -> Device

I had in this tab ALSA: HDA NVIDIA: ALC883 Digital (hw:0,1). Instead of this I choosed  ALSA: default and the problem was solved.

First post

My first post here. I hope many will follow. I feel that many of my thoughts are simply forgotten, and  would like to have at least some of them written down so I can later come back and think more about them. its a way of self reflection. Blogging for me will also have personal value as I will colect links insights from others and interesting links which I tend to loos over time, and this is something that irritates me from time to time. Anyway to have a blog is a great tool, so I hope I will make the best use of it. WordPress is a open source software so that is one of the reasons I am here. As the blog name says I support Open Source Everything