Open Source Manufacturing

This is a smal step toward a fascinating idea.  And the tool looks quite cool.


Humble web production

I just made a google page website for the aikido club where I practice Aikido. Here is the link:

Aikido Dojo Sombor

The big guy with the blue belt is me.

Aiido club Sombor
Aikido Dojo Sombor

Short clip of doing a few short techniques after end of the training.


Solar Net One

I just saw this news via twitter, thanks to Joy Tang of OVF

I think this would suit excellent for an internet center in Nigeria, or in other parts of Africa.

Solar Net One

Its about a solar powered system which runs debian linux on a server with up to 50 thin clients. There is already one such system deployed in Nigeria. Sounds excellent., the only prohibitive thing is the price 15000$ US Although this is not much if you know that you have an autonomous internet center which will work for 20 years. Sasha