I keep saying this but this is fascinating read. DIY book binding. Fabulous ideas and writing too.



From this page:
“Restive the authority, Marcel Barbu often opposes the Administration and his bureaucracy which according to him prevents the initiative and the realization of the individual. Its creed remains the same one: without external help, a small community, by its work, its solidarity and its faith can surmount all the obstacles. He dies the November 7th 1984 with Paris, at the 77 years age. “

Wonderful tiny house in Thoreau spirit.

“The credit crunch matters little to me. I live like a free man in a tiny house which I built with my own hands and which costs nothing in terms of bills (electricity, water etc).
My inspiration for this way of life was Henry David Thoreau who in his classic book “Walden” pointed out how senseless is the life that is burdened by large houses, and large debts, and has little time to appreciate the natural world that is all around us.
A tiny house is the first step to escaping the charge that “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.”


iPhone reverse engineering


fascinating read. Vietnamese entrepreneur is disassembling iPhones and hacking them to unlock them and make them usable for Vietnamese network carriers. Apple has restrictive policies regarding using their product with other networks (read outside their monopoly). Some people are not accepting this.

Other people get even more creative.  Linux is entering iPhone. It seems that open source and spirit behind it is unstoppable.


But from my perspective, why at first place acept such repressive policies from Apple. I would never support them and buy their product. Just choose an open source G1 Android.