Copenhagen Suborbitals on life rockets and priorities

Bellow is an email from some dude who is a member of a great crew called Copenhagen Suborbitals
Beautifully said:
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Date: Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 9:14 AM

Subject: [AR] How to get the time to build rockets ?

What to do if you have a burning desire to work with rockets ?

Well, zoom out and take a look at your life. Most people have very
little spare time. Job, family, getting a home, getting food, just
living takes up a very
high percentage of most people´s awake time. Behind those facts lies
the gruesome truth that time is always limited by the simple fact that
we are all mortal.

Most of the readers of this forum is likely to be out of operation in
less than forty years. By that time I will be in my late 70´ties and
definitely on my way down.
The youngest may have 50 year of operation in front of them. So step
one, if you wan´t to spend a lot of time working rockets or
spacecrafts or whatever – you have
realize right now that you are having limited time. The clock is
ticking – your personal time of exit closes second by second…

Step two – priorities.

You can let your empoyer decide what to do with your remaining
seconds. You can let your wife make the decision – or leave it to your
mother in law. They will all
have a long list of things that they think you ought to use your few
numbered seconds for. They will all aggressively eat you up and make
use of your seconds, so that their
remaining seconds will be just like they wanted it. Also – strong
forces will be at work for you not to do anything new, anything
strange, or anything out of the ordinary.

My claim is that it is possible to break out and put yourself at the
controls of your life.

I don´t mean to suggest that you should do it – my claim is simply
that everything comes at a cost – and if you wan´t to go hypersonic –
you have to make that you priority at the
cost of being ordinary, having an ordinary wife, ordinary kids or an
ordinary job. It is possible – if you desire it enough.

Claims like that are useless unless supported by experiment. I have
done some experimentation on my self. After all I am the only owner of
me, and if the experiment fails – well then its
my own problem only.

I have thee big loves: Submarines – for their beauty and mystic feel,
rockets – for their beauty and power, woman for their beauty and
sensuality. The two first things needs to be build,
and to build things you need a workshop. Getting the workshop is
everything. It takes minimal modification to most workshops to add
some life support capacity to it – and since my twenties
I have been living at or near my different workshops. I have worked
all my life to increase the part of my awake time where I can spend
time with my three loves, and today I am happy to say that
it is close to 90 %. The breakthrough was the submarines. You need to
make your passion something with an economy in it – and I have spend
years giving people rides in the three
experimental submarines I build from 2000 – 2008. I think I have made
over two thousand dives on those boats – mostly a very shallow water (
less than ten meters ) and mostly in
closed harbor areas where such activity can be done very safely
compared to open water. The money from the dives went into
constructing of ever bigger, ever more advanced diesel electric
submarines – and payed for the workshop I lived in. My own money (for
food and essential coffe ) was earned as a freelance builder of
special test machines for the Technological Institute of Denmark. I
did not need
to do much of this work as my limited lifestyle ( no car, no house, no
kids, no wife ) was not very costly. I meet some wonderful woman – but
they supported me, helped and added their love
to my life. And still do.

In Danmark we pay in the order of 50 % income tax, and in return you
get certain things for free. However – it would no doubt be much less
expensive for me just to have a health ensurance and the like, since I
am not sick often and don´t have kids in school ( that is also free )
The important thing here is that I don´t use any taxmoney, resive no
social anything. I earn my own money, the little I need. I could
likely do that in the US or anywhere else in Europe. To do it in
Africa might be hard – but that is unimportant as most of you live in
the developed world.

The rockets simply did not have an economic potential – until now.

You can´t make a medium size rocket. You can make a small one that can
be done in your spare time, for your own money. However – if you
want´t to make it bigger it is just outside
what you can do in your spare time – and not big enough to get what
I´d call the Kennedy effect. Only If you are bold enough – crazy
enough – and determined enough to set a big, difficult, expensive,
and easy to understand goal – can you afford it. Because then – the
people will be willing to help you – in every imaginable way. Then you
can build a monsterous rocket !

Its like critical neutron flux – above a certain mass – it goes BOOM.
Today I can work full time on the rockets – with little worry of
economy. I don´t have much money for my self – I do payed lectures
about the project a couple of times a month and that earns me coffee,
bread and milk. However – the project can afford all the tools,
materials, and propellants we need – and all we have to do is to work
hard. And with that available – we may just exactly get away with it
and – the thing sort of created it self. The impossible became posible
because it was impossible not to go for it and make it possible !

Get a man into space soonest – and return him safely to earth – using
whatever it takes. Anybody can understand that.

I don´t recomend you do like I, not at all – but my point is that you
don´t have to be rich – just passionate and determined to go
hypersonic. The excuse “I dont´t have time due to work” or “my wife
will not let me” is not applicable – the only reason you don´t have
time because you have not made it a priority.

Some on this list have made spaceflight a priority – and with time
they will likely produce a revolution in that field*

Thanks for giving me som of your costly remaining seconds, Sirs !

P. M. Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Seth Godin, briliant metaphor: Why jazz is more interesting than bowling

Why jazz is more interesting than bowling

Bowling is all about one number: the final score. And great bowlers come whisker-close to hitting the perfect score regularly. Not enough dimensions for me to be fascinated by, and few people pay money to attend bowling matches.

Jazz is practiced over a thousand or perhaps a million dimensions. It’s non-linear and non-predictable, and most of all, it’s never perfect.

And yet…

when we get to work, most of us choose to bowl.
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Poetry, Aleksa Santic

Ne ostajte ovde!… Sunce tuđeg neba
grejaće vas bolje no što ovo greje.
Gorki su ovde zalogaji hleba
gde si rob svome, a brat brata melje.

Od maćehe svoje, svak će naći bolju!
Kad maćeha huda zemlja vam je ova
a drugde vas čekaju sa hlebom i solju –
idite tamo, gde sudba je bolja.

Pradedovi vaši behu pravi divi,
uzori svetli, što čuvati znaše;
u ovoj zemlji ne ostajte i vi,
sad je celu tuđem rasprodaše.

Ko pusta grana, kad jesenja krila
trgnu joj lisje i pokose ledom,
s vama i bez vas Srbija bi bila.
Skrnavljena majka rastaće se s čedom.

Ne daje suzi da joj s oka sleti,
ne zove vas nazad u naručja sveta.
Šalje vas u život – ne morate mreti
tu gde vas rab i nesreća sreta!

Tamo vas neko i ne zna a voli.
I ako niko poznati vas neće,
biće prema vama ljudskiji i bolji.
Zao dom gori je od tuđinske sreće.

Ovde vas svako bratski za vrat steže –
a u tuđem svetu na vas život čeka;
Za ove krše ništa vas ne veže,
osim ime, jezik, i lanaca zveka.

Ne ostajte ovde!… Sunce tuđeg neba
grejaće vas bolje no što ovo greje.
Gorki su ovde zalogaji hleba
gde si rob svome, a brat brata melje.

Basic principles of the Mondragon cooperative

“The Basic Principles of the Mondragon Experience”. The ten points are respectively open admission, democratic organisation, sovereignty of labour, the instrumental and subordinate character of capital, participatory management, payment solidarity, interco-operation, social transformation, universality and education.
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